Friday, July 25

3 weeks to go!

heres my work in progress for painting 2. wow. times moving fast. i got off track on my first painting, so i took my time with the poster and drawing first, and just started the final painting yesterday of our new model, Eliza. life is dramatic and full of learning here. always more to learn. 3 weeks to go.. 

Friday, July 18

painting 1- done

wow, by the time i got throught the poster, the drawing, the transfer, i had to throw paint at the canvas. very rough. heres my color cartoon poster though. next one will be more deliberate and finished hopefully.

Friday, July 11

Light through the dark..

I had to move to a different house, le tour de france!, and we are starting much longer paintings and drawings. Im very happy to be in my new place, and class is marching on. eating darkness to find light. only four weeks left. wow..

Friday, July 4

week off pt.2

here is some of the work i have been doing lately. 1-snail study still in progress, 2-'Mikal' block-in, 3- 'Sad Angel'- study, unfinished. ill be doing more drawing and a rounding study of an egg or two probably. its a serene week at the silver fortress. we're busy at our easels. been doing some work in the garden, as well as working in the garden - as many weeds to pull inside as there are outside. all is well.

Tuesday, July 1

the week off

wow. already half done. i have been enjoying some quiet around les sylvains (our building) this week, and been painting a lot on my own. Ill post some of that work as soon as I finish them up. i found out the other day that the Tour De France will be riding right through our backyard (literally the street right behind our backyard) coming up soon. how exciting. we'll cheer em on. im happy with my half-time progress in the class and we will be diving right back in on sunday. i was up late last night. you can see a million stars here.