Friday, May 30



week 2- the first poster studies

a poster study is like a portrait of the light on the figure. week one of oil painting for me. tough but rewarding. ill keep truckin..

Friday, May 23


ill post my progress as i go. week one. 


week one is finished and its time for a party. a superhero party to be exact! the frightened one in the middle is Tim, our beloved teacher. he teaches us how to hone our superpowers of observation!!

Monday, May 19

'The birds that fly across the sky leave no trail'

we are learning to define the movement inherent in the figure. 'movement is life'. the italian masters compared it to a flame, the french, to a river. We spend the days right now drawing from the model, trying to capture this inherent movement found in nature. and other than that, just having a good time. this is our class

Friday, May 16

a room with a view

my friend Toby stayed in this room when he studied here last fall. please check out his work at i'll be hard pressed to keep in step with you my friend.


wow. so here we go. lots of travel to get here. it couldn't be more beautiful. class starts on sunday. lots of interesting people from all over in my class. ravioli for dinner. life is good. welcome to paradise.