Saturday, June 21


last week was a great success for me. Rounding form in oil paint is not easy and its the foundation to successful form painting. this program is amazing. 1. class 2. the nearby river 4. walking walls 5. window sitting 6. round! 7. the backyard berry patch 8. donk 9. the stairway to class- stairway to light 10. model & teacher.


Sunday, June 15

week 5 - the rounding study

heres the first rounding study. we are working to capture the roundness of the major forms of the body. our model, Juan Michael returned from new york yesterday. last week we substituted a portraiture module, which was challenging. life is beautiful here on 'the island.' its amazing how much it does feel like an island perched here in this small town surrounded by country. I was saying the other day that this program feels like a meditation retreat more than anything. its not all work though. we just erected france's largest slip n' slide in our backyard. we know how to let loose after a long week of work! 

Friday, June 6

week 3

more poster studies and beginning to describe the inside of the form in drawing. people are making a lot of progress. I am still stronger in drawing than painting, but Im starting to get a better understanding of the poster study. next week we move on to the rounding study. last night was the 80s Toga Party. A fitting end to a challenging week!