Sunday, December 14

new york new york

here we go. tomorrow night is the show. should be fun. ive been going to the Met to draw from sculpture the past week which has been great. here is a copy from an Alphonse Mucha drawing i did the other day. yeah Mucha! wish us luck with the show! T

Monday, December 8

Saturday, December 6

getting ready for the show

still have to frame the owl-phones, and I'll probably be working on some more drawings before I leave, and before the show in NYC.. exciting! T

Friday, December 5

B.I.M. Flyer info

Beauty in Motion-NYC

December 15th & 16th (Monday/ Tuesday)
6pm to 11pm
Nicu's Spoon Theatre
38 West 38th St. 4th Floor

Please come if your'e in New York!! All are welcome!!

Wednesday, December 3

WingPhones are done!

wow. bit off a lot to chew with this one. the paint is sunken in on this photo still. Ill repost it when I varnish it. Im pretty happy. definitely learned a lot. it was nice having the deadline for the show to push me. on to the next one! ill keep you posted. its off to NYC for me on Tuesday. thanks for tuning in, more soon, T

Tuesday, December 2

Friday, November 28

just keep flapping

flapping flapping flapping

Wednesday, November 19

keep on keepin on

a drawing of Sir Tobias, and another of Raven in progress

Tuesday, November 18

getting there..

a drawing I did at the Ryder Studio a bit back and progress on the headphones, I hope to finish it up this week.. T

Wednesday, November 12

life in Santa Fe

recent photos of the gang


in progress

Monday, November 10

Sunday, November 9


so far so good

Wednesday, November 5

at home in Santa Fe

greetings from Painterstan! Yes We Can.. painting is well, we have a new president, and it snowed here today. Its good to be alive. I feel like an American. -T

Wednesday, October 22

Beauty in Motion

I have moved to Santa Fe for the winter with my fellow artists. I was lucky enough to sit in on a demo by Tony Ryder the other day, whom my friends have been studying with. Its beautiful here, and Fall is falling. Here is the beginning for my first piece for our upcoming show in NYC entitled 'Beauty in Motion.'

Tuesday, September 30

Libyan Sibyl- study

a recent quick study I did from an image of Michelangelo's 'Studies for The Libyan Sibyl.'

Monday, September 22

the aftermath

hello.... so here is the final painting i completed this summer in france.... better late posting than never. I was very happy with my progress this summer. currently I am in NYC, having attended 'About Beauty' a show that my fellow artists put together. We have planned another show entitled 'Beauty in Motion' for december in NYC. I will be returning to Arizona, before leaving for Santa Fe to create work with the others for this show. we'll be busy!! please keep up with my blog as I transform it into the ongoing journey of my work. Thank You!! -T

Friday, August 1

2 more weeks..

here are two pieces i worked on, just part of the process.. painting is a long road.. being here has made me feel strongly though about continuing to study painting intensely.

we will do one more painting for the last two weeks. getting close to the end of the term. i am happy to return and have some time to take what i have learned and apply it on my own. 

Friday, July 25

3 weeks to go!

heres my work in progress for painting 2. wow. times moving fast. i got off track on my first painting, so i took my time with the poster and drawing first, and just started the final painting yesterday of our new model, Eliza. life is dramatic and full of learning here. always more to learn. 3 weeks to go.. 

Friday, July 18

painting 1- done

wow, by the time i got throught the poster, the drawing, the transfer, i had to throw paint at the canvas. very rough. heres my color cartoon poster though. next one will be more deliberate and finished hopefully.

Friday, July 11

Light through the dark..

I had to move to a different house, le tour de france!, and we are starting much longer paintings and drawings. Im very happy to be in my new place, and class is marching on. eating darkness to find light. only four weeks left. wow..

Friday, July 4

week off pt.2

here is some of the work i have been doing lately. 1-snail study still in progress, 2-'Mikal' block-in, 3- 'Sad Angel'- study, unfinished. ill be doing more drawing and a rounding study of an egg or two probably. its a serene week at the silver fortress. we're busy at our easels. been doing some work in the garden, as well as working in the garden - as many weeds to pull inside as there are outside. all is well.