Monday, December 7

Recent drawings

recent drawlings, lots more to come!

Thank You

to my good friend the Meteorite Man Geoffrey Notkin of the Logical Lizard for supporting my work ( Please check out his Blog for the Tucson Citizen, its a kick! and please check out his show Airing on the Science Channel in the spring METEORITE MEN!!!

Sunday, December 14

new york new york

here we go. tomorrow night is the show. should be fun. ive been going to the Met to draw from sculpture the past week which has been great. here is a copy from an Alphonse Mucha drawing i did the other day. yeah Mucha! wish us luck with the show! T

Monday, December 8

Saturday, December 6

getting ready for the show

still have to frame the owl-phones, and I'll probably be working on some more drawings before I leave, and before the show in NYC.. exciting! T

Friday, December 5

B.I.M. Flyer info

Beauty in Motion-NYC

December 15th & 16th (Monday/ Tuesday)
6pm to 11pm
Nicu's Spoon Theatre
38 West 38th St. 4th Floor

Please come if your'e in New York!! All are welcome!!